Hunger pangs are not a happy state to be in, we all are well aware of it. Something of similar sorts happened with farmer Sarvesh Kumar Pal’s pet goat who ate his Rs 66,000 notes. The shocking event took place in Siluapur village in Kannauj district of Uttar Pradesh when Pal’s goat chewed the currency notes were kept in his trousers. Pal got the shock of his life when he realized the goat had munched his hard-earned money in a matter of few minutes. The cash was in Rs 2000 denomination, and before the farmer could alarm anyone of the damage, the goat had nibbled thirty-one of the notes. Pal managed to save two of the bank notes but in damaged condition. Tiger befriends goat meant to be his dinner.

Sarvesh Kumar Pal was to buy bricks for construction with the money. He had kept the cash in his trousers when after some time he saw his pet goat munching notes. The troubled man raised the alarm but proved to be too late as they could pull out two Rs 2, 000 notes from goat’s mouth. Drenched in the goat’s saliva, they could find only two notes with the rest of the 31 currency notes missing. After beer yoga, goat yoga gains momentum internationally (See Pictures).

According to the TOI reports, Pal was quoted saying coupled with a surprising broad smile, “I was taking a bath, and the money was kept in the pocket of my trousers. Notorious for eating all kinds of paper products, the goat seized the chance to munch on its favourite food. What to do, my goat is like a child to me.” He added, “Later, two notes wet in saliva could be retrieved in a damaged condition.”

funny goat

The news of the goat chewing on so much of cash spread like wildfire in the neighbourhood with villagers dropping by to see the ‘hungry’ goat. Many of the villagers took selfies with the goat and were just amazed at his ‘accomplishment’. Some of the neighbours in light yet worried tone suggest Pal to sell the goat to the butcher as he caused such a loss, but Pal refused it by saying the goat is like his own child.

“Some even suggested to take the goat to veterinarians and get some medicines to make the animal vomit and recover the lost money. Many asked me to sell the goat to a butcher as it has brought misfortune to us,” Sarvesh said. Another added that the goat should be handed to the police as he has committed a grave crime. But Sarvesh and his wife remained adamant towards their child-like pet goat and said, “We can’t be cruel to our pet. It is like our own child.” Well, we hope now the couple would keep on their goat not munching on anything and everything! (Cover image is for representational purpose only).