Subway, which is also a popular outlet in India, is an American restaurant that sells submarine sandwiches and salads. It is one of the food giants that allows the customer to customise their order with a range of bread, meat, sauces and vegetables. Recently, a drunk woman placed an order at a Subway outlet in Leeds and the employee was baffled by her requirements inside the sandwich. After making the sandwich, the worker behind the counter took the picture of the sandwich and shared it on Instagram with the caption, “Who orders Subway like this?”

Not only this, but the worker also asked the woman named Anna if he could take a picture of her sandwich and she happily said ‘yes’. Anna, too, clicked the employee’s picture and shared it on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

It so happened, Anna and her friends were hungry after several drinks and around 8:30 pm, they made a quick stop at the Subway outlet. When she placed her order, she only wanted cheese and cucumber and nothing else on her sandwich. When the eatery worker insisted on adding more vegetables and sauces, she settled with some black olives.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote, “First time in the subway and the worker took a picture of my order 😭😭 am I doing this wrong. (sic)”

Netizens are left into splits after the tweet went viral. One user called it the ‘worst sandwich’. One user commented, “This the worst sandwich I’ve ever seen.” While the other commented, “I can probably, think of literally 1000 sandwiches that beat this right now? The first one being just butter. Just bread and butter beats cheese and cucumber.”

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The order was the first time experience of Anna at the outlet. Talking about the incident with LadBible, ahe said, “We were both pretty tipsy and I asked the workers how it worked. I told them I’d never had a sub before and they were really nice. We were just joking for a while before we ordered.”

She further said, “The workers were all super friendly and were bantering with me and my friend. [The man serving them] asked if he could take the picture.”