Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has won the 2017 Gujarat elections and to celebrate their win the BJP’s Delhi unit spokesperson Tajinder Singh Bagga came up with a unique idea. Recently, Congress leader Alpesh Thakor had given a controversial statement about Prime Minister Narendra Modi eating expensive mushrooms which make him fair. Taking a jibe at Alpesh Thakor, Tajinder Singh Bagga brought a cake with pictures of mushrooms on it and celebrated BJP’s win in Gujarat Elections by cutting and distributing it amongst his party workers. It was like baking a cake and eating it too. A week ago Alpesh Thakore had commented that PM Narendra Modi eats mushrooms worth Rs 80,000 which are specially sourced for him from Taiwan. Today, Tajinder Singh Bagga took matters into his own hands to give a fitting reply to Alpesh Thakore through the mushroom cake.

Tajinder Singh Bagga displayed the cake in front of the media and said, “This is a simple, inexpensive cake but it is a befitting reply to those who brought politics to this level. We will cut the cake here and distribute it here, everyone is invited. Every citizen is invited.” Congress leader Alpesh Thakore had said, “Modi ji eats mushrooms from Taiwan and one mushroom costs Rs 80,000 and he eats five mushrooms every day. He was dark like me but he became fair because of imported mushrooms.”

Watch the Mushroom cake video here:

Alpesh Thakore probably wanted to refute the claim that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the voice of the poor and a common man. His remarks received a lot of flak and backlash from the Twitterati. With the Gujarat elections in sight there were all kinds of remarks made by the leaders of BJP and Congress but now that BJP has won a clear mandate in the state the party workers are celebrating their win with this mushroom cake.