The Bharatiya Janata Party leader Dr Subramanian Swamy who often rakes controversy through his controversial statements became the butt of jokes when he almost tied a Mangala Suthra around the neck of a bride at a wedding in Tamil Nadu.

The funny moment took place during a wedding ceremony in which Dr Swamy was invited as a special guest. During the rituals, elders gave the mangala suthra to Dr Swamy to hand it over to the bridegroom. The family wanted Swamy to touch the Mangala Suthra and bless the bride. (Also Watch-Arnab Goswami vs Dr Subramanian Swamy on News Hour: Americans react to Times Now debate!)

But Dr Swamy seemed to have some other intentions. Instead of giving the mangala suthra to groom, Dr Swamy went ahead and almost tied it around the neck of the bride. A shocked old lady standing near Dr Swamy stopped him from tying the knot again. It seems that Dr Swamy mistook the Mangala Suthra for a small garland.

The video of blunder made by Dr Swamy has gone viral. The expressions made by the old lady will really bring laughter on your face. Watch the funny video below: