Belagavi, Dec 11: BJP MLA Prabhu Chavan was caught on camera purportedly watching a zoomed in photo of Priyanka Gandhi on his mobile phone and other playing video games during proceedings of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.

During video clippings telecast on local TV channels, Chavan was also shown watching photos of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi along with Sonia Gandhi.

The Aurad legislator however courted controversy as he purportedly watched the zoomed in photo of Priyanka Gandhi. Asked about his conduct, Chavan maintained he was flipping through pictures on mobile, including that of Modi. When he came across a Priyanka Gandhi’s picture, he zoomed into it to read the slogan below. There was nothing objectionable in his zooming in the picture, he said.

Chavan defended his action saying he was watching slogan below (the photo). “But I have seen nothing with bad intention. I was checking photos of national leaders, I checked Narendra Modi photo…. I also checked my son’s photos….,” Chavan told reporters.

Another BJP MLA U B Banakar was caught on camera playing online games on mobile phone oblivious of the discussion about the plight of sugarcane growers to whom sugar mill owners owe huge arrears. The footage of both the MLAs seated separately was captured by a TV cameraman from the elevated media gallery and beamed by Kannada T V channels.