It was a matter of utter shame as Pakistan stooped a notch lower by showcasing fairer-skinned models in a segment, which was ‘makeup looks for darker skin’. This is a Pakistani show called Jago Pakistan Jago, this is where contestants were asked on Wednesday to demonstrate it. But instead, what was witnessed was the inherit belief of minds that fairer skin is better in full display. Many criticized the show for highlighting”Pakistan’s obsession with fair skin”. The world is changing, as we nowadays see the celebration of heavier females in ads like Lux and etc. But it seems Pakistan is rigid and they are not ready for a change.

On the show, participants were also spotted parting tips with the audience and obliging them with a selfie or two.

Some found it harsh on the girls as well. The social space could not digest the fact that racism is followed in this date and age as well.

Some of the RT’s were even more abusive. It is Hum TV that runs this show and now they have a task at hand to save their reputation.