Globally, people are known for consuming unusual food, from tarantula burgers to cheese tea and people from all around the world love to try out-of-the-box delicacies. Well, presentation wise maybe it doesn’t look appealing and taste of these delicacies is just the secondary thought for many people. This time, we present you another such delicacy that has been launched by London based bakery. Luxury macron brand, OhLaLa is selling edible tampon macrons that are dipped in blood. Will you ever get it a try?

Well, as it happens, the bloody delicacy is launched for a good cause. The company has out with a unique way to support and raise funds for a campaign that is against women’s ‘period poverty’. They have joined hands with Bloody Good Periods (BGP) which is a charitable organization that aims to promote a sustainable flow of sanitary protection for the women around the world who cannot afford to buy them.

The box of tampons is crafted in the shape of sanitary products and includes edible blood on the end while the cotton center is made up of the white almond shell. The edible blood is made from raspberry or rose buttercream. It also includes blue tampon strings which are made from raspberry. Inside the tampons, there is a filling of fresh vanilla, raspberry or rose buttercream.

The specially crafted French dessert is priced at £24.50 (Rs 2,272) for a box of eight tampons and can be bought at the brand’s website. The people who buy the French dessert will be contributing towards the noble cause.

According to the brand’s website, Ten pounds from every box will be donated to help the fight against period poverty that affects 1 in 10 women in the UK alone, with proceeds raised going toward buying period packs for asylum seekers, refugees, and women with low income.

In a recent report, it has been revealed that thousands of girls are missing school because they can’t afford the sanitary products. The charitable organization also supplies over 1,000 women a month with menstrual supplies and toiletries.