All you Bohemia out there have you listened to the Punjabi Rapper’s new track? Yes Bohemia is back with his brand new song Mere Baare. The song is out and has been released worldwide. The song is a fresh account of Bohemia’s account of his lifestyle as he talks about all the girls he has met throughout his lifetime from Mexico, New York, Mumbai and all from all around the world.

The Punjabi hip hop artist is bringing us the best that he does with his upbeat music. All the diehard fans looking forward to this new beat from him will be impressed with his brand new Mere Baare track. Bohemia was keeping his fans all updated about the release of the video and ahead of the release he tweeted: Mere Baare is not about me, Mere Baare is all about you!

The rapper has not collaborated with any other artist this time as he is seen performing Mere Bare in his own style. The video of the song Mere Bare does not look very professionally done, but the rough and raw projection is what appeals to his fans when they listen to Bohemia.

Although many of his fans can’t stop talking about the brand new track, some of them are disappointed with it as they feel that this one does not live up to his previous hits Kali Denali, Charso Bees, Vich Pardesan De.

The pioneer of Desi Hip Hop Bohemia the Punjabi Rapper is from Pakistan and currently a resident in San Francisco and his real name is Roger David. Vich Pardesan De till date is his major hit which was released in the year 2012. If you haven’t seen Mere Baare, check out the video here!