Are you totally obsessed with Coca-Cola? Have you ever thought while grabbing a can of coke, how would boiled soda taste? Well, it is indeed randomly gross to even think about it, but then we don’t have scarcity of weirdoes who are up for anything.These guys are done with washing Coca-Cola down your throat and they have now decided to boil Coca-Cola before drinking it!

Before you even think about trying it, we warn you that this experiment can cause serious harm or injury to you. Please restrain from imitating or reenacting the challenge taken by the Wassabi Productions while watching the video. (ALSO READ: So what happens when you put a real tooth in soda for 5 days?)

In the video the guys put a saucepan to heat before pouring Coca-Cola into it. The cola was boiled for approximately 102 minutes, till all the water content in the coke got evaporated. What was left in the pan was only the gooey black sugary stuff that looked like tar.

Anyone would think twice before putting the tar like substance into their mouth. But the guys went ahead with the challenge and tried to gulp it down in vain. They barfed as soon as they tasted the boiled Coca-Cola! If you are grossed out by even thinking about it, don’t think about watching the video, or else go ahead watch the video below.