Bollywood’s sexy actress Mallika Sherawat who was known for her bold and uninhibited characters on screen might not be seen in Bollywood often, however she is very much in news.  It has been sometime since we saw her on screen. She used to be one of the hottest actresses of her time with several hit movies like Murder and Pyaar ke Side Effects. Mallika Sherawat however has ensured that she stays active on her social media accounts and keep her fans updated with what she is doing currently.  She is in Paris with the love of her life and definitely seems to be enjoying the time of her life. Recently, in what looks like a photoshoot, she shared a sexy picture from the same on her Instagram account. When we thought that fans might go head over heels, it turned out otherwise. She got badly trolled with all sorts of bad comments. Now this is something that is not really under anybody’s control. Even though the photos looked sexy and Mallika nailed the photoshoot, there were several people who just could not handle this. Now before we take you the comments, here are the photos that was criticized by people. God knows for what!

Here is Mallika looking raunchy in this black ensemble. 


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This is another photo that Mallika Sherawat posted from her photoshoot. And we quite like it.

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Now that you have seen the photos here are the comments that were posted. Some of them even called her aunty telling her that gone are the time when she could raise temperatures.

abhishek.burepaga: Auntyji.. Those days are gone.

suniljajoria: You are Finnish auntie

captain.abhi: Remove your necklace like Melissande did and I bet you will be in your real look auntyji..

keshav.kumar2054: Wo aunty,ye sab band karo ab

maxrichard5011: You’re finished aunty! You’re just trying to look young, which is clearly failing!!

zafarhyderabadi: I just vomited on my keyboard

Rasika_more: You are such a old hag now! Get a life! You don’t look sexy, your boobs are also saggy.

gokul.shrivastva: Such a skank. buddhi ho gayi hai

These are some of the comments that were posted only because somebody posted a picture of herself on her own Instagram account. This is sickening to see how people still feel they have an opinion in other people’s business. Mallika, stay as uninhibited as you have always been. We love you for what you are. Such trolls keep happening, the best to do is not dignify such things with a response.