It all started when actress Parineeti Chopra returned Akshay Kumar the money she reportedly took from him. Now, after their fans took hilarious jibes at both of them, their dear friend Riteish Deshmukh also decided to not stay behind. He shared Parineeti’s tweet in which she posted a picture of herself giving a Rs 2000 banknote to Akshay and pulled the actor’s leg. Riteish cited the photo and said that’s the reason Akshay has become the highest tax paying actor in the country.

Parineeti tweeted the picture a few days back and wrote, “I was told by a newspaper that ….. so … @akshaykumar” (sic)

Riteish wrote, “Now you guys know how @akshaykumar becomes the highest taxpayer in the country. We the co-actors contribute heavily. He has the most innovative games … he can have his own mini-olympics.” (sic)

Now, if you are thinking Akshay would let it pass, then you are wrong. The Khiladi Kumar made sure he is giving back to Riteish. He invited his Housefull co-star over a game of ludo (yes, because why not?). Akshay tweeted, “Thank you thank you 🙏🏻 That reminds me, what are you doing this afternoon? How about a game of Ludo 😜” (sic)

The banter wasn’t over here. Riteish replied and wrote, “Nooooo !!!! Only if you play LUDO blind folded ….. wait!!! Even then the odds are not in my favour.” (sic)

Meanwhile, all because money was being discussed, actress Huma Qureshi mentioned she wants her’s back too. She commented, “What is the procedure to get back my Rs 2000 ??? #genuinekoshen help” (sic)

And then this happened:

It’s always fun to see actors just having some time off and indulging in such funny conversations. Thanks to social media the fans can actually see that when it comes to friendships and pulling each other’s leg, the stars are just like us! Oh, and we’ll let you know about Akshay’s reply!