Los Angeles: Being in a full-time job while shouldering the responsibility of a child and running a household is no mean feat. While every company has a provision for leaves, there are times when an emergency or family crisis strikes people. Many times, in such situations, people run out of leaves but still have to attend office because unpaid leaves are not an option when one is faced with financial difficulties.

A similar thing happened with a female employee in Los Angeles recently who showed up to work despite the fact that her child was sick. Most of the bosses in such situations wouldn’t bother much but not Bernie Reifkind, who is the CEO of the company, the woman was working in

Reifkind took to LinkedIn to share a heartwarming account of his response to the woman, which has now gone viral.

“Silently she was sobbing at her desk, early at about 7:45 AM. I asked her if everything was OK? She told me that her child was sick and that she had been up all night. Bags under her eyes,” Bernie Reifkind wrote.

When Bernie asked her why was she in office, the woman said she had exhausted her sick days and couldn’t afford a day outside of the office.  He then assured her that she would get paid and not just that he also wrote her a cheque for extra money to help her out.

“People are worried about their jobs. PLEASE reassure your hard-working employees that their jobs are secure, whenever possible. Loyalty goes both ways,” he said.

His post has won the internet with people praising his compassionate gesture. Here are some of the comments:

“I couldn’t agree more. Years ago I had challenges of being a single parent to two children, one special needs. It didn’t matter that I worked harder than anyone else or that I more than made up for a day I had to leave early, the employer only remembered that I did leave early,” another person weighed in.

“Respect the people who work for you, treat them with kindness, and that will build the kind of loyalty you want as an employer. I’ve never forgotten that.”

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