The Bottle Cap Challenge is the Internet’s new craze which needs some foot-eye coordination. Celebrities, artists are showing their best precision kicks in this challenge to open the bottle cap. It consists of placing the cap on top of a water bottle with the goal of unscrewing it with a single kick, but without toppling it.

The Internet is full of the hashtag #BottleCapChallenge and most of the videos are shot in slow-motion to intensify the movement. Gully Boy actor Siddhant Chaturvedi showed off his kicking skills by posting a video of himself participating in the challenge. In the post on the Instagram story, Siddhant then challenged actor Ishaan Khatter.

Watch the video on ‘Bottle Cap Challenge’ here:


Hollywood’s popular actor Jason Statham also took up the challenge and showed off his impressive moves in a slow-motion video posted to his Instagram account.


Even singer John Mayer can be seen slaying in the Bottle Cap challenge

Netizens never leave a minute to make a spoof of the viral thing. Check out the reactions shared by Twitterati:

You can also try Bottle Cap Challenge as it is safe.