This video of a child playing in the rain with a tyre has been going viral on social media and a lot of people are sharing it with their loved ones. What is special about this video is the unique way a child has come up with to play with a tyre in the rain.

The child can be seen getting inside an old tyre and then rolling on the road going downwards and one is sure to smile at his unique way of reinventing age old tradition of playing with an old tyre.

The video was posted by Anand Mahindra who is quite active on social media and he wrote, “#whatsappwonderbox To all my colleagues at Mahindra Automotive: Our ambitions in mobility can be inspired by visions of autonomous&flying cars&spaceships. But let’s never fail to be driven by children & how they invent new ways to experience the joy of movement..”

The video has gained 302,000 views and been liked more than 15,000 times.

Check out the video:

He not only rolls down the road but what he does after is even more amazing. He takes out his legs and continues to roll forward with their help.

It is quite a lot of fun to see these kids enjoying their time while they play in the rain.

In the end, the children can be seen clapping for this boy as he finishes from where he first started rolling.