It does not take much for people to jump to conclusions and start panicking, especially when the whole picture is not presented. Such was the case with a guy who thought his girlfriend was pregnant after seeing a picture of a thermometer that she shared with him. The tweet, which has gone viral, showed a thermometer registering 100, as the girl was having a fever. The boyfriend mistook it for a pregnancy test and for the 100 to mean that she was positively pregnant.

When the girl shared the picture with her boyfriend writing, “Holy F**k”, he immediately jumped to conclusions and reacted to it with a, “How. Wtf. Your on birth control. Baby”. She shared the interaction on her Twitter page explaining, “I had a fever last night and my boyfriend thought the thermometer was a pregnancy test.”

Well the tweet, which has so far got 175,139 likes and 31,092 retweets, has gone viral with many reacting to it with funny comments.

After seeing so many reactions, the guy will now surely know the difference between a thermometer and a pregnancy test kit.