A boy’s journey in life as he grows up from a kid to becoming a man has been filmed in what promises to be an epic adventure. The first ‘dirty’ picture that a kid sees in or before the start of his teen years, his time in school and his approach at life from the years of experience caught on tape for the world to witness. This is truly film history in the making and a valiant effort at making a mark on the vast timeline of international films from across the world.

The sibling rivalry which looking back seems juvenile but at the time means a lot to you, having a younger sister can be a boon and a bane, how you look at people and how you know but fail to understand the way that people act as a kid growing up aching to be taken more seriously and treated as an adult rather than a kid.

Mason, learns valuable lessons in life and we can witness him growing as an adult, learning to live with the small an big disappointments in life while learning the bigger lessons that will shape him into becoming a good person at heart and strong person by virtue. You need to view the trailer below and then watch this amazing film this coming Friday, November 15th, 2014, in a theatre.