For every case of brutality and inhumanity we come across, there’s a case that proves humanity and selfless deeds still exist. And if you are still the one who thinks sensitivity has been wiped off the minds of human beings, you need to hear this. In a recent incident that happened in UP’s Noida, a brave man risked his life to save a young girl from committing suicide.

In a video that’s going viral on social media, a girl can be seen sitting on the ledge of a building preparing to jump off. However, as soon as she jumps, a man quickly holds her hand and picks her up. The man immediately rushes towards the girls by walking on the steep area on the edge of the building and holds the girl’s hand just at the right time. Later, a few other men join him and safely take the girl to the other side of the building. A few others are also seen preparing to catch the girl by standing below as she prepares to jump off the building. Watch the video here:

It is yet unknown why the girl, who’s a student at a college in Greater Noida, wanted to end her life in the first place. However, the bravery that the man showed in saving her life and preventing a tragedy is totally appreciable.