A video of a Uttarakhand cop saving a drowning man in the Ganga has gone viral on social media. Vishal from Haryana was taking bath in Kangra Ghat situated in Haridwar. He somehow slipped and was being carried away in the fast currents of the Ganga river. By chance, a young officer of Uttarakhand police named Sunny was present there who saw Vishal being carried away. Without thinking anything, Sunny immediately jumped in the Ganga river risking his life to save Vishal and he managed to pull him.

The Uttarakhand Police, yesterday tweeted the video with a caption stating the incident. The cop has received praise, salute and honour from netizens. One of the users said he got goosebumps after watching the video. Another one said, proud of UK police.

Take a look at the video below:

Read the comments shared by netizens:

Hats off to the police officer! We are proud of you Sunny and we salute you.