‘I Touch Myself’ was the Divinyls’ biggest hits of the times in 1990. Sung by Chrissy Amphlett, this song is a major bold, brave and celebrating women’s sexuality kind of song. When Chrissy later developed breast cancer she wanted this song to be projected as an anthem for the same.

This helps spread awareness about breast cancer; the first step of detection is by touching yourselves.

As a tribute to Chrissy the say she died (April 21), her family and friends along with Cancer Council NSW have come together to keep her voice alive through this song. This was sure a nice way to remember someone in a way that also leads to contributing in spreading awareness to people about breast cancer.

Ten of the Australia’s greatest singers: Connie Mitchell; Deborah Conway; Kate Cerebrano; Katie Noonan; Little Pattie; Megan Washington; Olivia Newton-John; Sarah Blasko; Sarah McLeod; and Suze DeMarchi have come together to turn Chrissy’s final wish into reality.

This project encourages women to regularly check their breasts for any changes or lumps, which is the first diagnosis of breast cancer.

The amazing grayscale video is the most power packed breast cancer PSA ever made and is definitely worth a watch.