Why are Indian women afraid to touch their breasts? Or if they are not, why don’t they touch and feel them every now and then to find signs of a lump or lumps, if any? October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this video by TheHealthSite.com promotes the touching of one’s breasts for health reasons. Well, lumps in the breast are not always cancerous, but it would certainly help to identify them and take the necessary steps to find out if there is a tumour in there.

This video tries to make people and especially women aware that the touching of breasts is not always sexual. In fact, it is absolutely normal to do it. Women need to undergo a mammography regularly to detect breast cancer, but a simple thing like the touching of a boob in the privacy of a bedroom or bathroom can help a woman find out if something is wrong with her health.

Watch this special video made for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.