Many villages in India follow certain traditions which might surprise you. Tribals in the villages of Surkheda, Sanada and Ambal follow a bizarre tradition where the groom does not attend his own wedding but is replace by his unmarried sister or any unmarried woman in his family.

Yes, you heard that right. The men get dressed for his wedding but do not attend it. According to the folklore culture, the male deities of these three villages were bachelors and to show respect to them, the villagers keep the groom at home. It is believed that this will protect the grooms from any kind of harm.

The groom stays at home with his mother while his sister does all the wedding rituals and gets the bride home.

“All the rituals that a groom traditionally does is conducted by his sister. She takes the “mangal phere” with the bride instead of her brother,” said Kanjibhai Rathwa, a local resident Surkheda village.

Ramsingbhai Rathwa, the village head of Surkedha village in the district said, “This practice is followed in three villages. It is believed that if we don’t follow this custom then some harm will befall”.

“A couple of times some people have tried not to follow the tradition, either they ended up with broken marriages or other types of problems arose,” he added.