Have you ever thought about the existence of windowless aircrafts? Well Britain’s Centre for Process Innovation has unveiled the future inspired concept for a windowless aircraft. They are vying to provide a whole new personalized experience with the panoramic view to the 3.1 billion passengers while travelling in the air.

No matter if you are travelling for business or pleasure, you could enjoy the journey and not just the destination with this very futuristic designed aircraft that will be as efficient with reduced weight and cost for the manufacturers and the passenger as it is visually stunning. Weight reduction is a challenge faced by aircrafts and with this aircraft it will no more be a problem as it supports the technology of thinner lighter and fuselage or body of the airplane. The aircraft will also have lower fuel consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emission.

The futuristic aircraft’s exterior will be transparent that will enable one to enjoy the whole air travel experience. The high-definition screens along cameras allow passengers to view  the outside world by simply tapping the screen. Also, the panel screens could be put anywhere as per your wish. The panels could also be used to identify the plane’s path or surf the Internet and access other forms of entertainment.

Watch the YouTube video Aerospace Windowless Aircraft by Centre for Process Innovation below.