Marriage is said to be a holy institution and a British couple’s sexual act in their wedding clothes has attracted a lot of attention on social media. Matthew and Carly Lunn shared a daring picture from their wedding day where bride appeared to be performing a sex act of her newly wedded husband at a Greek monastery. Their weird act on the religious site has left the bishop fuming and has resulted in the ban on all foreign couple from marrying at the church. The image showing the bride kneeling in a suggestive position as the groom has his pants pulled down is going viral and the authorities are far from happy about this weird joke. Russian Model’s Sexy Lingerie Wedding Photoshoot May Land Her In Jail! Hot Bride’s Racy Pictures Stir Controversy.

The picture of the sex act showed Mathew punching the air in a superman-style pose with his pants and boxers pulled down. The bride, Carly is on her knee in a very suggestive position while still donning her wedding dress. The image was posted on their social media immediately after they took their vows and was supposedly a joke. However, the couple may face a lawsuit after the distasteful joke has brought out a series of serious reactions from the church. Sex Video of Girlfriend Goes Viral on the Social Media; Arrested Odisha Engineering Student Claims Innocence.

The sex act picture was taken right outside the monastery in Rhodes and the ban on marriages has left many couples devastated. The couple may be sued by many of these devastated brides and grooms who are left disturbed because of their X-rated picture. 32-year-old Daniel Gaynor and his fiancé Mandy Jackson had their wedding planned at the church, but their wedding plans seem to be in jeopardy because of Mathew and Carly. Talking to Mail Online, Daniel said, “I will be going to see a solicitor to see if any action can be taken against them. They are scum.” Naked Couple Caught Having Sex on a Bench of Croatian Tourist Resort: Watch X-rated Video

The couple in question are rather shocked at the reaction and have said that they were just joking around and that the matter has been blown out of proportion. Matthew was quoted saying, “It’s been blown out of proportion. We were just pretending and having a laugh. The Greeks have completely over-reacted. We don’t think we did anything wrong but we regret it and wish we hadn’t bothered.”