Brittany Maynard had recently took lethal medication with which she legally ended her life in her room in the presence of her family. She had been suffering with cancer and applied for legal rights to end her life as the pain was uncontrollable for her. This past Wednesday was her 30th birthday and here there is a video where she says why euthanasia should be made legal in all countries. According to her it gives you the dignity to die in peace and not as a coward who ended life because the fear of living through it. Read-Brittany Maynard: Terminally ill cancer patient embraces death with dignity

She has urged all US states to pass laws allowing terminally ill people to die with dignity. She died peacefully at her home in Oregon, with her husband, mother, and a select few other loved ones at her side. This past Wednesday would have been Brittany’s 30th birthday.

The below video was released by a group called Compassion and Choices which worked with Maynard during the last months of her life. The video was shot before her illness and also features other similarly ill patients and their family members.