Bubble wrap has an amazing potential to attract people of all ages and just pop those plastic bubbles. The war has jousting, scooter races and a paintball challenge to find the final three contenders. the final battle is a bit more physical but with bubble wrap.

The first battle is jousting where the five guys from popular YouTube channel Dude Perfect fight one on one to decide who advances to the next round. To add more skill required in finding who our jousting champion is, the contenders will be standing on the side of a huge roll of bubble wrap.

The second challenge is scooter racing inside the bubble wrap factory. There is a twist with banana peels laid out in a corner to add more fun and also cause an intentional catastrophe. The scooters are electric but you can use your legs to increase the speed. There is an intensive circuit mapped out in the factory.

The third task is paintball with bubble wrap protecting the guys. They are equipped with paintball guns and the obstacles are all varying degrees of bubble wrap rolls. Once the third champion is in the finals, there is a fantastic championship title fight. Check out the amazing bubble wrap video below.