Long distance relationships are hard to survive in and couples try to do anything and everything to keep their partner interested in them. Some go for long calls and some prefer video calls but being intimate on the small screen of your phone can sometimes create trouble. One such incident took place with a woman leaving in Bulgaria who thought of spicing up the things with her long-distance husband working in the UK.

The lady, who happens to be the mother of a 20-year-old boy, took a nude graphic video of herself, which was only meant to be seen by her husband but things turn out ugly when she accidentally live-streamed her video on her Facebook story. The nude video of her lying on the bed was shared by more than 2000 friends on Facebook.

Not only this but her Facebook story was viewed by her son and as well as her family members. Things got more worse when the video was also viewed by her son’s friends, who happened to be in her friend list.

The Sun website reported the 20-year-old son saying that he wouldn’t be able to visit home for at least 5 years due to embarrassment.

Her husband also stops talking to her for days after her video went viral on social media. According to reports by local media, the family is in a state of shock. However, the woman is trying to overcome the incident by talking to close friends.

The woman lives in the village of Tuhovishta in south-western Bulgaria.