A bull ate about 40 grams of gold ornaments in the Sirsa city of Haryana. It was found out that a woman and her daughter-in-law took out their gold ornaments in a bowl that accidentally got covered by leftover vegetables. The women threw the bowl-stuff into the garbage. A bull in the area came and ate the entire garbage in which the vegetables were thrown. This also means that he ate the 40 grams of gold ornaments that were accidentally thrown in the garbage along with the leftover vegetables.

Janakraj, the woman’s husband talked to the news agency ANI and revealed the entire story. He also added that as soon as they got to know that the bull ate everything, they traced him with the help of the people around and took him to a veterinary doctor. He mentioned that the doctor advised them to feed the bull. “We have tied the bull in an open space near our home and have been feeding it. We are hoping that we will get the gold from its dung, that is why we are feeding it,” said Janakraj.

Further, if the family is not successful in having their gold back, they plan to leave the bull at a goshala.