Get ready for another ‘Disney-fy me’ experience! Once again the guys are getting ready to look like one of the Disney prince. You might have come across many Disney inspired DIY makeup videos, but this one is something new! This time the group of men get drawn as Disney inspired princes. So the Buzzfeed team invited a Disney artist named John to draw them. The talented artist sat down with each and ever guy in order to understand what each of them were looking forward in each Disney prince character. (ALSO READ: Watch how men transform into Disney princesses! Warning: This might ruin your childhood)

Each of them described the characteristics and also the artist made sure he incorporated the peculiar traits of the guys that made them different from the rest. The end result is nothing but amazing! Once you see these brand new versions of the Disney Prince, we are sure you would want to see them featuring in their own Disney movies. Check out the video below.(ALSO READ:These women get redrawn as Disney Princesses! Watch video for priceless reactions)