Brand rivalries can make you laugh your ass off for there is so much of creativity, innovation and not to forget – drama! Something on the similar lines happened when McDonald’s decided to get cheeky with rivals Burger King. Little did they expect such comeback from BK. McDonald’s got creative as they found an unusual (read: demeaning) commercial taking potshot at Burger King few days back. But Burger King returned with an apt reply to slay their opponents as seen in this video.

Few days back, McDonald’s France came with a commercial which saw them erect two billboards in the village of Brioude. One of the signboard had directions to reach Burger King (258 km) while the second board was that of McDonald’s which depicted to be just 5 km away. Well, it was definitely looked a masterstroke by them as they not just got their message of McDonald’s message across but also made fun of Burger King with abrupt directions. Clearly, McDonald’s campaign by TBWA\Paris won them the first round.


burger king

But as they say do not write your opponents off, Burger King with their ad agency Buzzman came with a twist in the tale. Borrowing the footage of original commercial that had showed a couple travelling and looking for directions, Buzzman showed how the story actually ended. The new and updated version of advertisement by Burger King showed the couple driving to McDrive and orders a large cup of coffee. Reason: They have a long way to go! The tagline of Burger King said, “Only 253 km to go before your Whopper. Thank you McDonald’s for being everywhere.” The couple are seen enjoying their Whopper as they comment – It was not even so far!