Auckland: The devastating bushfires in Australia have turned the sky bright orange over Auckland in New Zealand, which is more than 1,200 miles away. Blood-red skies hung over the state, which currently has 150 active fires, 64 of which are uncontrolled, according to The Associated Press.

Scientists say the reddish colour is caused by the smoke making blue light less visible and frantic people have been calling the nation’s emergency hotline to report the orange haze. Despite the haze, police told Auckland residents there was no need to alert authorities.

People have also reported their breathing has been affected by the smoke from the blazes, with those plagued by asthma one of the worst-hit.

“The skies, which were already fairly overcast, turned a dramatic orange and darkened significantly,” WeatherWatch said.

Meanwhile, social media was filled with photos and videos of the orange haze:

Rural towns and major cities across Australia also saw skies turn bright orange as well as ash and smoke clog up the air.

A total of 24 people have been killed and almost 2,000 homes destroyed as the bushfires have ravaged three Australian states, burning about five million hectares (12.35 million acres) of land.