Several photos and videos of the students of Jamia Millia Islamia university cleaning up their campus and roads after the protests have emerged on social media. Many students from the university came out in groups and started cleaning the roads by using brooms. Bits of paper, torn placards and plastic bottles were left on the roads after the protest ended for the day on Tuesday. It was at night that some students decided to clean the streets and contributed their bit in making the protests healthy and harmless. The videos and photos got widely circulated on social media as the students got thumbs up from Twitter users.

Students at the Jamia Millia Islamia sat on a peaceful protests against the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act that was passed in Rajya Sabha last week. On the basis of the videos shot during the protests and the account narrated by the students, the Delhi Police resorted to using tear gas and batons to disperse the crowd. The clash turned violent and many students got injured during the protests. This didn’t go down well with students across the country and now nationwide protests are being held against the violence with the students of Jamia Millia.

Several Bollywood celebrities have also condemned the violence against the students. In fact, a peaceful march is being organised by some celebrities to show solidarity with the students and tell them that there’s no place for violence in our constitution and that the spirit of unity and secularism should remain intact in our democracy.