Life-saving Cable Project is an innovative invention; it is a cable which allows donation battery charge from one phone to another. This project made for NAR Mobile (Azerfon) by Y & R Moscow.

This is a dream come true invention which is successfully striving to accomplish a noble goal and score huge results. Y& R Moscow partnered with Azerbaijan cellular network Nar Mobile to create a wearable device called Donor Cable. This cable lets one smartphone owner to easily donate power to another. This is a very cool looking accessorsed device which could be worn as a bracelet.

And the bracelet comes with a message inscribed saying ‘Donate energy to save a phone, and donate blood to save a life’. The initiative encourages blood donation since Azerbaijan has the world’s highest number of blood disorder cases of thalassemia.

The Donor Cables were given to those who purchased Android Smartphone at Nar Stores. The campaign increased the nation’s blood donation rate by 335 percent earning worldwide attention and goodwill!