Animals have the most love for humans and sadly, despite being blessed with all the resources and better brains, the humans fail to reciprocate the same love. In a video that’s going viral on social media currently, a camel is seen expressing his love for his owner, who as per reports, went out for some days leaving his herd behind. When the man came back, one of the camels from the herd wrapped his long neck around the man in a gesture of hugging him. He maintained the posture for a long time and got captured in a heartwarming moment.

The video has gone viral on Twitter with several users relating it to the kind of inhumane treatment most animals receive from human all across the world. Various Twitter users pointed out how animals are the most selfless people and all they want is love in lieu of everything they do for humans. Check out this video and the comments made:

Why can’t the world treat animals and other living creatures at par with humans? Or for better, above them?