This year you will find yourself growing and progressing further than you have before. Keep yourself open to new experiences and be more willing to accept new people and relationships into your life. You will be happy to see that a new world will open up to you full of achievements you seek. This is also a good year to spend time with family and strengthen your home base.

Although you have a laid back personality sometimes your apathetic vibe can be misconstrued as lack of care. If someone is facing an obstacle or conflict they need your support more than your neutrality. It is ok to take a side sometimes and saying you like to stay neutral is not always the noble thing to do. If something unjust is occurring in your presence then you should speak up.

This year something truly amazing is in store as you finally make progress towards a personal goal of yours. This is something that has been a secret desire in your heart and you fill find the stars aligning to finally fulfill it. Do not let your cynicism or skepticism ruin the alignment and progress of things. You are deserving of this and your doubts will only sour the journey ahead.

Meditate on what is influencing your behavior and what insecurities or worries are fueling your aggression.

Lucky Colour: Milky white, red and yellow; Try to avoid blue and green colours