The L’Oréal Makeup designer Paris presents #Inside Cannes. This video features Eva Longoria on the rooftop, talking about how she never feels like a holiday at the Cannes. She finds the hair and make up schedule, interviews, commercial shoots and red carpet a never-ending cycle.

Next up is India’s import to Hollywood Freida Pinto featuring for a photoshoot, perched up on a table out on the sun and looking confident in high pumps and a red and blue ensemble.

And next, the camera pans to the Indian beauty ambassador and style icon Sonam Kapoor who is dressed in an Elie Saab gown, managing not to trip in the the corridor! Her appearances are always eagerly awaited each year at the Cannes festival.

And what follows is a whole dramatic beauty room session and the glam and glitz at the red carpet. Check out the video below to catch up on all the action!