You must have seen people being a total fitness enthusiast and training themselves into the hardcore workout that involves squats, pull-ups, high kick and so on. But have you ever see any animal doing a pull up so effortlessly and it has left you in amaze. If not, here is a chance to witness something similar to that. A video on the internet is going viral where a cat can be seen performing a muscle up and trying to pull itself on the wall. The clip ends with cat making an acrobatic jump before it lands itself on a closet shelf.

The video has been shared by a Twitter user named Anthony Wheeler and the clip has received 5.05 million views, 110,119 retweets and 400,518 likes.

Watch the video here:

The video has also garnered a lot of reactions on Twitter. A lot of people have shared videos of their cat trying to do something similar. One user wrote, “Bro your cat has some serioussss talent” while the other tweeted, “Playable character no doubt.”

Check Twitter reactions here:

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