8 prisoners handcuffed in US state of Texas, broke out of their cell after the correctional officer fell unconsciously from his chair onto the ground. Despite the fact that they could have been mistaken for fighting and taking over the jail, they raised the alarm to save the officer’s life. This is pure incredible of these prisoners to show such act of empathy and humanity.

The inmates were locked up in cells at District Courts Building in Forth Worth city. The guarding officer collapsed after heart-attack and at first prisoners thought they are being played by him, as moment before the heart-attack, the lone guard was joking with prisoners. CCTV footage captured this amazing act of prisoners breaking out of their cell, crying and shouting for help after they realized it was no joke played by the officer. (ALSO READ: US frees 9 Guantanamo prisoners, sends them to Saudi Arabia)

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Inmate Nick Kelton told “It never crossed my mind not to help whether he’s got a gun or a badge. If he falls down, I’m gonna help him,”  as reported by WFAA TV.

Guards and other officers upstairs, came down after they heard prisoners screaming and banging the door thinking they have a fight on their hand. When officers arrived they first locked the prisoners back into the cell and called for emergency services. In the meantime they performed CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to save him. It was only after paramedics arrived and shocked him that the officer regained his pulse while the inmates looked on.

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Captain Mark Arnett also acknowledge that it was the prisoners jailbreak likely that saved the guards life.

As per the reports locks of the cell which these inmates broke are being reinforced and toughened.

Here watch the CCTV footage: