You will think twice before using lifts after watching this video. This man was left with two broken legs, after he tried using the lift. What happened was that while using the lift, the man fell down a lift shaft, through the elevator door. The whole incident was captured on CCTV camera.

The Chinese man is seen quite frustrated about the lift not arriving despite him pressing the button.Then he launches an airborne fly-kick, this is followed by the tragic end. The kick results in forcing the shaft’s door out of its locked position. Although initially he leans back to examine the damage he has caused. But then he leans directly into it, his weight pushing the now loose door open.

The man collapses into the lift shaft, his knee smashes on the floor surface. Although, it is not quite clear as to what happened to the man when he fell into the dark. Although he survived the accident, but broke both of his legs.It is believed the incident was recorded in a Chinese hotel. Watch the whole accident in the video below.