On being asked a rather pointed question, Hollywood heartthrob Mel Gibson shoots back with a sharp remark. He doesn’t stop there, he even uses abusive language even before it is a wrap. Though he is seen pretty okay at the end of the  interview, in the end  he is so pissed with the question being directed at him that he actually calls the reporter an a*$ %le? Can you believe a superstar of the stature of Mel Gibson could do that? Welcome to celeb interviews gone horribly wrong! (also watch: Stripping is sexy? These Hollywood stripping scenes will give you creeps! (Watch video!)

Paris Hilton in comparison appears much more composed. She decides to end the interview after facing a rather tough question her personal space. Later, she hugs it out with the reporter. But the real nasty celeb is Quentin Trantino who does not mind the presence of the camera asks the reporter to shut his butt down!