A new viral video of a man sitting inside a Mercedes Benz as someone fires a round of shots from an AK-47 has been going viral on various social media and messaging platforms like YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp. The viral video which shows the strength, durability and power of a Mercedes-Benz is being circulated with a message that the man sitting inside the car is the CEO of Mercedes and people have once again joined the herd and forwarded the message as it is without any proper research. The miscredited video was actually from 2014 when the CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation tested the Mercedes by sitting through 12 rounds of shots on the front glass of the model and is being wrongly credited as the CEO of Mercedes instead.

The video is being circulated as a symbol of trust that the CEO of Mercedes has on his cars. However, the small glitch is that the man is actually R. Trent Kimball, the CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation. The video was shot back in 2014, and Texas Armoring Corporation is the organisation that supplied protected vehicles to influential people like the Pope, celebrities like rapper T.I. And actor Steven Segal and oil executives in West Africa. The old video has the company’s sales and export compliance manager, Lawrence Kosub firing the shots while the President-CEO of the company, Mr Kimbell was taking the wheel.

The viral video that is being circulated has a message which reads, “CEO of Mercedes sits inside Benz to take the shots on bullet proof car. This is awesome confidence in your own company and quality of its product.” While the message is partly true, it is completely discredited as CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation is confused with the CEO of Mercedes. The viral video was actually shot as a promotional idea by Texas Armoring Corporation that spoke about their confidence in the security that they offer.

Here is the video of shots being fired on Mercedes-Benz

This incident goes on to show that the world is full of people who blindly believe everything that they read or see and do not think twice before spreading a miscredited or fake news. While social media has done a lot to make the world more easily connected, this spread of information without actually verifying it holds a lot of trouble for many. The only way to stop this chain is by practising self-awareness and realising that not every message on WhatsApp is true and needs to be set ahead!