The Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2017 was held from January 5–8. 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada in the US. The action-packed event saw various technological innovations being launched. From Lego robots to LG’s 40% translucent television sets, various products caught our attention. The four-day event had a mix of start-ups and well-accomplished brands showcasing their new products. While a few innovations in tech were long awaited, CES 2017 surprised many with a few out-of-the-box gadgets.

Amazon Alexa, the company’s intelligent personal assistant, became the most seen gadget, with the assistant being placed inside cars as well. However, Nintendo fans were in for a surprise, as Retro-Bit launched the newest version of the classic Game Boy, called Super Game Boy! Here is a look at Top 7 most impressive gadgets we saw at CES 2017.

1. Super Game Boy

retro bit game boy

The classic Game Boy by Nintendo is every videogame buff’s favourite obsession and Retro-Bit aced the game by unveiling the Super Game Boy, with a battery life of 10 hours! The Super Game Boy shares the same form factor as the original but can play the original Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, and Game Boy Advance cartridges. Priced at USD 80, this might just get us obsessed with Tetris all over again!

2. Kuri

We have already seen technology giants like Google and Amazon launch their robotic assistants. However, Kuri is a robot designed and developed by the start-up Mayfield Robotics, a company fully owned by Bosch. The little robot has a response system that gives out robotic noises and blinking motions. Built to be an assistant as well as a companion, Kuri also handles tasks like voice and image recognition.

3. Sony’s E-ink Watch

sony e-ink

Smart watches have failed to attract the attention of many gadget freaks this year. However, Sony went ahead and launched a pretty looking wearable, the E-ink smart watch. The incredibly thin smart watch has a concept which can change design and colour and it has turned a lot of heads for this innovation.

4. Motiv’s fitness ring

motiv fitness ring

Photo credit: Timesofap Technology Facebook Page

The fitbit has become a part of every fitness freak’s accessories. The convenient fitness band, which easily calculates our fitness pattern has become popular in recent times. Motiv has come out with a more elite looking version of the fitness accessory in the form of a fitness ring. This titanium encased device, which can track our sleep, steps taken and calories intake, comes with an extended battery life of three to five days!



Photo Credits: Alex Tostado Photography

The world’s first removable 360-degree panoramic camera was showcased at CES 2017, housed in a wristwatch. This Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled 5-megapixel HD camera can be used for live streaming. The watch also gives notification of texts and shows the time and comes with a stand by battery of up to four days. The company said that the battery life is about two hours of continuous recording.

6. Lego Robots

Lego boost

Photo Credits: Toys N Bricks

Lego has had robots set for a long time. However, the robotic kits were extremely challenging to build and also required some basic coding skills. Lego has finally upped its game in the robot toys sections and come up with Lego Boost. Lego Boost helps the laziest of people to build robots with the help of a companion app! This app can be used to control the robot which removes the coding part of the robotic toys.

7. Razer laptop

razer laptop

Photo Credits: Razer Facebook page

Razer displayed its coolest gadget, a laptop with three 4K displays that turned heads. The beast of a laptop comes with three 17.3 inch displays and is one of the coolest gadgets of 2017. Named, Project Valerie, the laptop comes with Nvidia’s 1080 graphic card and the Intel Kaby Lake processor. The company displayed its prototype of this project and said that the final product will have the side monitors sliding out of the main monitor for easy storage!