While scrolling down Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the past few days, you must have come across a hilarious video of a woman saying “Hello friends, chai pi lo”. Somvati Mahawar is a passionate Vlogger who has set the internet on fire by her videos. Her bio doesn’t have much to say about her. Mahawar’s 15-second-video of politely urging the people of India to drink chai has clocked thousands of views on social media platforms. Not only chai, she even offers watermelons, mangoes to eat.

Mahawar started her videos from Vigo Video, an app that lets you create and share short videos across social networking sites. Somvati has recorded and shared more than 400 videos with her 9K friends. She even has 28K followers on her popular account.

Watch her funny videos here:


If she can be a star, why can’t you? Show your inner talent and you never know you are the next one on the trending list.