Hello friends! Chai pi lo..! Somwati Mahawar’s viral video is flooded all over the internet. She is the new social media star who is urging the people of India to drink chai. Netizens are making dubsmash videos and sharing it on social media. Now, people have taken the madness a notch higher by sharing a foreigner’s version of ‘chai pi lo’.

While the video goes viral, many seem to be disappointed. They have a complaint that the ‘videsi guy’ didn’t say ‘garam hai’ at the end like Somvati says.

One of the users commented, “I was waiting for “garam hai””. The other one wrote, “He disappointed me by not saying Garam hai”.

Another one said, “I don’t know why but I actually waited for the next line🙄 garam hy”.

Watch the videsi version of ‘chai pi lo’ here:

Somvati Mahawar started her videos from Vigo Video, an app that lets you create and share short videos across social networking sites. Somvati has recorded and shared more than 400 videos with her 9K friends. She even has 28K followers on her popular account.

The Mumbai Police also featured her in their video asking the viewers to wear a helmet so that they can reach their home safely.