The current trend dictates that we buy expensive Smartphone’s to flaunt our superiority. Sometimes we also end up damaging the product beyond repair; with screen being the most vulnerable part of them all. It is always wiser to invest in a protective cover and a scratch guard even just so that our phone that costs a five digit figure (in Rupees) does not meet its demise in a brutal fashion.

The cost of a protective cover varies from quality, build, materials used for each and every phone. Some of them easily cost a thousand or two; making us shy away from investing (displaying our misery despite shelling out a bomb for the device). However, this clever technique will help you protect your Smartphone without having to spend much. In fact, you can simply afford it in less than 5 rupees. All you need is a balloon! No kidding, Sherlock!

Inflate a balloon; tactfully deflate it and voila! You have a cover to protect your precious Smartphone. However, the downside to it is that you will be unable to use your camera. So you see, you can’t get everything for cheap! There is always a price to pay for something you want! Watch the video to find out how to use a balloon and make a cover for your smartphone!