bad blood

Taylor Swift’s new Single Bad Blood is out! The diva is killing it in this new remixed track, which also features Hip Hop artist Kendrick Lamar. This track from her album 1989 after her last track Blank Space, features Swift in a never-seen-before futuristic avatar. The song is said to be a hit-back at Swift’s rival Katy Perry as there is a case of bad blood between both the divas since Katy allegedly tried to sabotage one of Taylor Swift’s concerts.

In this amazingly elaborate video made by Joseph Kahn,Taylor Swift sports a super stylish look, taking on the world. Bad Blood looks like a perfectly executed action film trailer. You will be awe-struck looking at the colossal amount of elaborate detailing that has gone behind creating the look, feel, costume and direction of the video.

The video is a star-studded affair and features some of the biggest known names of the industry. The video features Selena Gomez, Kendrick Lamar, Jessica Alba, Lena Dunham, Ellie Goulding, Ellen Pompeo, Cara Delevingne, Cindy Crawford and many other celebrities.

You won’t be able get enough of the video, starting from Swift being kicked out of a window, to be nursed back to life and the futuristic cut throat action scenes. The special effects , Taylor Swift dissing Katy Perry, celebrity cameos along with the catchy song will definitely make this a hit number this season. Within just two days, the video has garnered 15,367,459 views on YouTube. If you have missed out on the video, watch it here!