We have seen many pregnancy pranks but those were not by the little girls. We have seen the joy on a woman’s face after getting to know that she is pregnant. We have even seen how crazy the family members turn after hearing the good news. Forget about the known ones, but have you ever wondered what would be the reaction of strangers when they’ll see a little girl pregnant? Here is the video of a little girl who visited a park. She wasn’t any normal girl because of which people could not ignore her. And such sights are rare and hard to believe. (ALSO WATCH: Watch this funny video where adorable babies start laughing at random things!)

Any pregnant woman would love to go for a walk and so did this little girl do. But when she sat down on a bench in the park, the visitors (esp. ladies) could not ignore her. They were stunned seeing her belly because she was pregnant. Her age and the pregnancy situation left everyone’s mouth wide opened. But things became bizarre when they saw her boyfriend. What do you think? Who will it be? (ALSO WATCH: Watch this funny video in which babies are dressed in weird costumes!)

When the pretty little girl, with messy braided hair, sporting a ring on the ring finger pointed out to her boyfriend the people in the park just could not believe what was going on. A tiny guy walks out of the car to his pregnant girl and takes her along. Are you shocked? But later what happened, it was just a laughter riot for all of them. Check out the video linked in the player below shared by Just For Laughs Gags.