The world is full of jargons about age, dreams and everything nice. However, in the troubles of daily life, we often forget to look back and reflect on all the dreams that we have made a reality and Chef Vikas Khanna’s latest post will make you do just that. The renowned culinary genius shared an inspiring story of his mother, who wanted to be a pilot. Vikas Khanna shared pictures of his mother flying a plane 53 years after she dreamed of doing so. Bindu Khanna wanted to be a pilot in an age and era where women were banned from flying in Punjab. The inspiring Facebook post and beautiful pictures make a strong statement and prove that age is just a number. Vikas Khanna’s emotional Facebook post about his father will make you cherish your parents even more

Vikas Khanna, who is known for putting in the global map when it comes to the world of culinary, was super excited on his mom finally fulfilling her long held dream and shared his excitement via pictures and videos on the social media. From writing a heart felt message on Facebook to sharing videos of his mother Bindu Khanna flying the plane on Twitter, Chef Vikas did it all and made sure that every single one who saw the posts was convinced that it is never too late to live your dreams.

“My Mom Bindu Khanna had dreamt of becoming a pilot when she was young; with the support of her beloved father. But in 1964, there was a ban on women to fly planes in Punjab. Since then it was her dream to fly. Today, after 53 years she flew a plane, and the instructors were spellbound. #ProudSonandDaughter,” the chef wrote on facebook as he shared the inspiring pictures. He was accompanied by his sister Radhika Khanna, who also motivated her mom to live her dreams. He went on to share a video on Twitter which was captioned, “Mom flies a plane after 53 years.”

Here is the video of Bindu Khanna flying a plane

Vikas Khanna’s heart-touching Facebook post

Vikas Khanna has been proved time and again that he is the perfect mommy’s boy, and the proud son could not contain his happiness on his mother’s inspiring story. Vikas’ story has been truly inspiring, and he has said time and again that his mother and her constant trust and encouragement played a key role in his success. Looking at his mother’s spirit in these pictures and videos, we cannot help but be in awe of Mrs Bindu Khanna who is truly an icon for many.