Linkin Park songs have been a monumental part in most of our lives and the news of its frontman, Chester Bennington’s untimely death left us all heartbroken. The famous musician committed suicide and left the world mourned this great loss. The 41-year-old rock metal vocalist allegedly hanged himself and his body was found in a private house according to the report of Los Angeles Conner. Linkin Park’s biggest asset was Bennington and his strong vocals that managed to stir every fan’s soul with their heart touching lyrics in songs like Numb, Crawling, in the end among others. The band has acknowledged and mourned his death, and Linkin Park will be issuing an official statement soon. Chester Bennington Dead: Linkin Park’s New Song ‘Talking To Myself’ Hinted at Singer’s Suicidal Thoughts

Chester Bennington was extremely close to Chris Cornell who committed suicide in May 2017. Chester had said that he could not imagine living in a world without Cornell and performed at his funeral as well. The vocalist ended his life on what would have been Chris Cornell‘s 53rh birthday, July 20, 107. Bennington was open about pain and negativity in his life and had said that he dealt with all the negativity in his life through music and had had a drinking problem from a very long time. Linkin Park had released their new song, Talking to Myself, hours before his death and Chester’s song is being termed as the most heartbreaking goodbye. As we remember some of the heart and soul of Linkin Park, here are six top Linkin Park songs to remember Chester Bennington. Remembering Chester Bennington: Famous Quotes by Linkin Park’s Lead Singer

1. Numb

Numb has been that one song that you can always sing along too. No matter how long its been, this song which captures the pain of a heartbreak and was there for you on those cold nights will always comfort you and be there. This song might actually aptly describe our emotions right now, as I’ve become so numb, I can’t feel you there.

2. In The End

The most recognisable Linkin Park anthem has to be In The End. Chester Bennington’s soothing voice paired with Mike Shinoda’s rapping made this song the perfect melody for the gloomy days. From the Linkin Park Hybrid Theory, the lyrics and beats of In the End stirs our soul, and the 2009 release is bound to leave you teary eyed

3. Somewhere I belong

Somewhere I Belong, summarises the reason behind the popularity and love that Linkin Park has been receiving. The perfect rock metal track that could capture the tragedy and anguish of people who are suffering, Somewhere I belong made us all relate. The lyrics and music voiced the million unspoken words and voiced all our thoughts on those dark days and this song from the album Meteora is a must hear as Chester Bennington’s mystic voice will surely help you find yourself.

4. Crawling

Crawling from Hybrid Theory is one of the most popular songs by Chester Bennington that captures the anguish and pain of the dark world. Crawling has some of the most moving lyrics and the music and Bennington’s wails, Crawling will give you all the feels and will stay in your mind for a very long time. The lyrics capture the suffering of the soul and depict distress in the perfect way possible.

5. Shadow of the Day

Linkin Park experimented with the soft base song where Chester Bennington mourns the loss of a friend and this light number with some soft chords and a beautiful chorus. The soaring vocals of Chester Bennington and the subtle tunes of this song makes it a unique and beautiful composition by Linkin Park.

6. One step closer

One Step Closer from Hybrid Theory has the famous Linkin Park music, and the lyrics are the perfect medicine for the troubled, angry soul that searches for some solace n music. The song captures the emotions of anyone who is on the verge of breaking down and giving up, and Bennington beautifully hits the perfect notes even as he screams and howls. Full of drama and so close to the edge, this Linkin Park song is ever green.