New Delhi: As the entire country debates the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill, an interesting spat between famous writer Chetan Bhagat and comedian Kunal Kamra emerged on Twitter today.

While talking about the Citizen Amendment Bill that was passed in Lok Sabha on Monday, Bhagat tweeted, ”Just because you mention a Hindu related issue doesn’t make u non-secular. Just as mentioning Muslim issues doesn’t make u non-secular. Maturity lies is listening to everyone and finding a solution. Not applying labels or picking sides.”

Taking a dig at the author, comedian Kunal Kamra, who is known for taking on the Modi government with his political humour, tweeted this:

Bhagat was not the one to stop there and made a reference to Kamra’s show, One Mic Stand which had created quite a buzz among fans last month. The show produced by Amazon Prime featured five celebrities who took up the challenge of stand-up comedy.

Kunal Kamra was paired with Congress leader and Thiruvananthapuram MP Shashi Tharoor, for the stand-up act and the clip had gone viral on social media.

Well, Kamra took the fight a notch higher and commented that the show would be ‘shit’ if Bhagat decides to participate in the next season

Seems Bhagat wasn’t in the mood to argue more, so he calmly reacted to Kamra, saying, “Stop wondering about me. Please.”

After Bhagat didn’t indulge further, his fans appreciated his politeness and patience and bashed Kamra

Meanwhile, as the Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed in Lok Sabha, protests erupted in different parts of India.

The Bill now seeks to be moved in the Rajya Sabha to cross its final hurdle before becoming a law to provide Indian nationality to Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis, Jains and Buddhists fleeing persecution in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.