Chetan Bhagat, who is a well-known author, recently shared a video where he can be seen engaging in a conversation with a street hawker who tried to sell one of the books to the author written by him. It so happened that Bhagat was travelling in a car when a hawker approached him to buy a pirated version of his own book. In the video, he can be seen asking the hawker if he has a book written by Chetan Bhagat, to which, the hawker replied that he has one book and took it out from the bundle of the book.

Bhagat then asked the author which book by the author does he have and the hawker replied the latest one. He then asked, “how the author writes?”And the hawker answered, “It sells well.”

In the clip, the hawker also admits that the book was made from the online print after which he reveals his identity. The reaction on the hawkers face is priceless and it will win your heart instantly.

Chetan Bhagat took to Twitter to share the video and wrote, “This guy sold me my own book !😂 His reaction when he found out was so sweet. ♥️. I don’t support piracy (hurts me directly) but I also know it helps people like him make a living. I’d rather they sold original books at signals instead. Many do now! (sic)”

Watch the video here:

The video has gone viral and has fetched over 1.7K retweets and 12.2K likes. The video has taken the internet by storm and Twitterati have flooded the post with hilarious comments.